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We are absolutely sure that you will find Square Dancing great funand great exercise!

But most of all we encourage that you come and enjoy all the friendly new folks that you will be dancing with!

We love to laugh and haveFUN!

Check this video out "This is Modern Pattern Dancing!"

#1 Rule ... "Have Fun"!

Welcome to the home and website of

"Square Chuck" and the Grants Pass Squares, "GPS" !

Where Square Dancing is FUN for Everyone!

Are you looking for something AWESOMELY FUN to do?

Well then, Square Dancing is something you must try!

Sure at the beginning (as in anything) it may seem a bit more than the brain can handle, but if you go into something knowing there is FUN to be had each and every time you go, well then, you will totally enjoy square dancing! As you will see in my "Bio Page" I started to square dance just to find something fun to do within the community. Community and fun is what Square Dancing is all about, "Having FUN with your friends within your Community"! You meet really great people and create quality friendships too! So, if you are wanting something fun to do then just get out there and have some FUN Square Dancing! Get out there and just do it! Even if you think you have 2 left feet, it's okay, they are welcome too!


OPEN SQUARES - ANIMATION    Located in Mehrzweckhalle, Germany

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Tam Twirler's - Taminations
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  Grants Pass Squares - Grants Pass, OR
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Chuck Simpkins



Grants Pass, Oregon


This could be YOU!

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 Want extra fun dancing practice ?
 Attending other classes can only help your dancing
fun & skills.
Dancing with other clubs and to other callers is especially
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